The main enhancements from the previous models are:

  • Larger display of 16” and smaller bezels, which is appreciates from the previous 15,4” line.
  • 9th Gen Intel processor lineup.
  • Separate physical Esc key and dedicated power on button with TouchID.
  • Improved battery claiming to give 11 hours of usability.
  • Improved thermal control to keep the laptop running cooler.
  • New models of AMD Radeon 5000M series graphics cards.
  • Configurable with up to 64 GB of RAM and 8 TB of SSD (wow).
  • Better speakers and Mics.
  • And the most important enhancement from my point of view, they went back to the scissors mechanism on the keyboard, as they were too many issues with the previous design. This should also help to reduce the amount of noise typing on it generates, (no more dance taping?) 🙂
The new MacBook Pro 16″

While I understand and appreciate these enhancements, I think Apple felt short and could have included some nice additional enhancements.

Missed improvements

The below, are the things I think Apple could have included in the refresh considering the price of the lineup starting at USD 2399 up to USD 6099 (with max specs) double wow!.

  • While I love and appreciate Thunderbolt / USB Type C ports and the massive performance they bring, I think it would have been appreciated by the community to have 1 USB Type A port and an SD card reader. I think a lot of people are still using them, it does takes courage to bring these ports back after removing them though.
    If this would have been a terrific effort, then why not adding to the box a USB Type C dongle with these ports?
  • A lot of manufacturers are already using Intel 10th gen of processors, why not including them in the refreshed lineup. Maybe this is Apple playing safe and sticking with the lineup that was proof to work fine and they didn’t want to risk it going to the 10th gen.
  • They offer a very nice front facing camera on the iPhone 11 lineup, why not using the same technology for delivering a proper webcam? I watched a couple of online YouTube videos showing how it works and its really bad. Because of this, they also missed the possibility to use FaceID which would be really welcome by all users for faster unlocking.

I think the main three points that I mention above, are not so complex to deliver by Apple, and will make a lot of more people happy with a device on this price tag.
What do you think? Do you think Apple missed something else, or are you happy with the new MacBook Pro 16″ ? Let us know by sharing your comment below.