While the iPhone 12 has been launched in late 2020, and I am still waiting for my Pro to be delivered, I just purchased an iPhone 4S and I love it!
The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011, and it happens to be the first iPhone I ever had when I arrived to Switzerland in 2012, so it holds a very special place in my heart as it introduced me to the Apple ecosystem.

As a technology passionate, some weeks back, I was fooling around through social media when I came across GridStudio.cc (check below for a USD 20 coupon) a studio that creates lovely products with tech classics. There was one in particular that caught my eye, and as you may have guessed, it was the iPhone 4S exposed in one of the (sexiest?) ways I have ever seen a mobile.

Its so impressive that I shot a quick video too:

The framed iPhone 4S costs USD 169, currently in offer for USD 139. You can choose it with a black or a brown wooden frame and as you can see on the pictures it looks really well done.

It comes well protected in a strong cardboard box wrapped against rain and then inside you will find the item beautifully packed:

I must confess I felt a bit skeptical when I spontaneously purchased the item online (I felt in love almost instantly) and received an email saying it was being shipped from China. I guess all my experience buying stuff from China has shown me that quality is not usually associated with this country of origin, but I was wrong. The packaging, the wrapping, the experience, they got it right. They even included a kit to fix items in case they get loose in transport.

But this is not the only product they offer, they also have the iPod Touch, Nokia E71 and the BlackBerry 9000 (this last one currently sold out) but they seem to be bringing it back to stock soon.

I asked where the company is based and they told me that the founders are from US, UK and China and that their studio is based in China.

Customer Service

I had the chance to contact their customer service, as I commented, I bought this product quite impulsively without actually thinking how close Black Friday was. On Black Friday they announced a USD 20 rebate on the product and I just bought it a couple of days before! I pinged the support folks over chat, and they were so kind to offer me a reimbursement of USD 20 on my credit card without hesitations. This is the level of customer of service I feel happy about, so happy that it encourage myself to write about them on my blog.


If you are passionate about technology, you now have the opportunity to expose in a frame beautiful products which made a dent in tech history and enjoy them every day on your wall, and not keeping them in a box. I will definitely hang this iPhone 4S in my home office in the next days, and I am sure a lot of other enthusiasts will too.
As they are just starting, I hope they include more classics into their offering.

One more thing….

I reached out to the GridStudio folks and asked them if you (my readers) can benefit from a discount, they were so kind to create coupon code: “JSIT15” to get 15% off on your order! 😉

Would be awesome if you can use my referral link over here to help me finance future gadgets from them ?