What does the ServiceNow Platform do?

Today, the enterprise is a nest of complexity, and what ServiceNow does is design workflows that enable beautiful engaging experiences. These workflows can involve organizations customers or internal employees, increasing the level of engagement from both sides, while decreasing complexity and manual touch points.

The platform aims for true productivity improvement through digital transformation, and we already know that this is not about “making work a little bit better or different” but rethinking work itself.

The systems of record in the enterprise that have taken 50 years to build have actually created a lot of complexity. What ServiceNow does, is compose workflows that make work, work better for people. It gives a consumer grade experience in the enterprise. It helps business leaders achieve their missions.

While the ServiceNow platform can in many cases help organizations to simplify their application landscape, it can also integrate with almost every other core application on the market, acting as the connector between them. This way, you can have workflows that interact across multiple systems, but can be intelligently operated through the platform, leveraging capabilities like AI, Automation and a simple enjoyable interface.

Check this one minute video with an introduction from Bill McDermott – ServiceNow CEO

What’s in it for me?

While the platform has been known in the past as an “ITSM Tool”, its roots are with platform at the core, and it has matured in ways that can help organizations in multiple ways to extend beyond IT and across the enterprise. 

For different stakeholders, the benefits may translate in different ways, some of these examples are: 

For employees, it translates to better seamless digital experiences, enabling them to remove the noise of multiple systems and enabling them to do their work in a more simple way through digital workflows that can be applied to virtually any process.

For new employees it offers a beautiful onboarding experience ensuring the new joiners arrive to your organization with everything they need to start working on day one.

For leadership, it enables them to have an historical, forward looking or real time picture of what’s happening in the different areas of the organization, allowing them to take actions immediately, or automatically driven through workflow, all through mobile or browser-based dashboards.

For DevOps teams, it allows developers and operational teams to seamlessly work with their preferred repositories while allowing them to have control of their deployment and change management visibility across the organization.

For consumers, it allows them to receive delightfull support experiences through the Customer Service Management module. Allowing them to receive instant support through chatbots and self service portals and making it easy for them to reach for more help when needed. 

For Support Teams, it enables them with all the information at their fingertips to provide fast responses to internal and consumer customers, having all the right tools in one place so they can focus on offering the best customer experience. 

For many more stakeholders, the ServiceNow platform can bring the simplification of their current way of work, enabling them to work better, faster, and helping them enjoy more what they do best. 

Learning more about the ServiceNow platform capabilities

Below, you will find block of videos (playlists) you can click on the right title of the one that picks up your interest to open the playlist on a new browser window. You will notice that the videos are very short and to the point so you can have an overview of some of the things the platform can do. We highly recommend you to watch all the videos link here as they are a quick way of learning more about the platform. 

Want to learn more about the platform, but dont want to watch short videos? Check the ServiceNow Platform Reference Guide PDF.

If you need more information about a specific module or functionality of the ServiceNow platform, don’t hesitate to contact me, I work for the number 1 partner 🙂