As you may have heard in the past days @Jack Dorsey one of the Twitter founders, has resigned from his role as CEO of the company, you can read it on his own words here. The new Twitter´s CEO is Parag Agrawal, and this comes with some opportunities for the social media platform to refresh and improve on several areas.

This post will list some of the long awaited functionalities on Twitter with the hopes that someone will pick them up and addresses them to offer a better experience.

Polls with images

Today you can only create polls with text and with up to 4 options. It would be really nice to modernise a bit this by adding the possibility of choosing 4 images to illustrate the answers instead of being limited to text.

Same experience on mobile and on the web

If you use Twitter on your mobile you have one experience, for example if you have several Twitter accounts, you can start a new Tweet and then choose from which account you would like to send the tweet from. But on the web you cannot do that, even with more than one account configured clicking on the avatar of your account, does nothing. It would be really useful to have the same experience no matter on which platform you use the social platform.

Auto save drafts of threads on the web

Creating a thread takes quite some time, you need to make sure it makes sense, that you set it up in an appealing way for your readers. But sometimes for whatever reason you want to start a thread and make sure its properly finished. This might take time, maybe even you start a thread today and finish it in a couple of days. Unfortunately you cannot do this, because threads are not saved if you don’t publish them. It would be nice if we can have a functionality to save our threads in draft mode until we are ready to publish them. This option is available on the mobile app, but its not available on the web.

Images and videos quality

The ones that are in Twitter and with multiple accounts, know how this bothers. We capture great videos or pictures with our mobile devices which can capture those moments with great quality. Then we publish the video or image on Twitter, and we hold our faces with sadness, seeing how our arguably beautiful content got messed up with the processing of the Twitter engine, lowering quality and making it look…ehm, not nice. We really need to have better quality processing of our content by the Twitter engine.

Advanced features for paid accounts

I would gladly pay Twitter to allow me to have better control of my flow, or to include more advanced filters or to show me content of the people I interact more frequently with so I don’t miss it but without being necessarily notified.
Why I cannot get my Twitter account verified unless I am an “Important person” according to Twitter standards?.
Would love to see advanced stats and analytics on my accounts by paying a friendly amount of money per month or per year. Or to be allowed to publish content with better quality. Why not enabling a specific type of tweets for paid users for example.

Mark tweets as seen

It would be awesome to stop content from repeating over and over again. A lot of times we see something and we don’t want to see it again our timeline, why not being able to slide on our mobile app or press a button to prevent this Tweet from being shown again?

What do you think about these ideas? Got other way in mind on how Twitter could improve their social network? Please leave your comments below.