I am relatively new to the Mac world compared to some other folks going for decades. I found some great apps with nice interfaces and great functionality. Some are free, while others are reasonably priced. I will list the ones I like the most here, but ideally it would be awesome if you can also share your recommendations too ?

Command X – FREE. When I switched from Windows to MacOS, one of the most painful things was to re-wire my brain that CTRL+X and CTRL+V would not work for everything as on Windows. After I gave up that I would not get use to it (because I keep on working with Windows machines) is when Command X came here to save me. This together with modifier keys natively on the Mac.

ClibGrab – FREE. Sometimes you need to download videos from different websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other sites, this nice app helps you download them very easily.

Magnet – USD 10 (one time) Magnet allows you to re-arrange multiple screens easily around your screens. Saving you a lot of time.

Maccy – USD 10 (one time) This app gives you all the flexibility you need from a Clipboard Manager. Never again regret not pasting that thing you had on the clipboard, just check the whole clipboard history by pressing one button.

VLC Player – FREE The VLC Player has been the multimedia player of choice of millions of people on Windows and Mac is not the exception. A classic that works very smoothly and offers a lot of benefits.

Audacity – FREE Recording audio doesn’t have to be difficult, I´ve been using Audacity and creating MP3 files for video production or other use cases. Super simple and has a lot of funcionalities, effects, etc.

PhotoSweeper – USD 10 (one time) I have a large amount of digital pictures that I´ve taken over the years. This great app has helped me a lot to save storage space and organize my library. It offers a lot of flexibility: you can delete exact images, also similar images and then decide which ones to delete.

HandBrake – FREE You need to convert or transcode video files across different formats? Check this multi-platform free option.

Several Apps from Jordi Bruin: Jordi is an Independent Developer with an amazing skillset to create beautiful and simple apps that just work. He is constantly working on all of them, improving them and adding functionality. Some of them are Free, some have a cost, but usually they are very affordable.

MacUpdater 3– Free & From: USD 15 (one time) MacUpdater is a very cool App that allows you to keep most of the Apps you have on your Mac automatically updated. Even those that were not downloaded through the Mac App Store. Its free if you want to keep up to 10 Apps updated, or USD 15 for a Standard Edition license. There are some other options too like Family Pro License for USD 35. It works very well.

What about your preferred apps? Let’s build the ultimate list of cool apps that are Free or that have a friendly price ?