Many years ago, I started using a software called “SuperFlexible” this application came very handy, we were using it to back up files from-to different destinations, in multiple ways for different customers, formats, supporting multiple protocols. This was the time, when I had my consulting company in Argentina and since then I have been recommending this app to all customers and friends, so they could back up their stuff with this handy and powerful app.

More than 10 years later the app now called “Syncovery” is even much more powerful. With multiple Cloud source/destinations included and a lot of new cool features to ensure the integrity and reliability of your backups for both personal use and large companies.

I´ve been always remained in contact with Tobias Giesen, the owner and developer of Syncovery, who is based in Germany. Sometimes asking questions about the product (which he has always answered personally very diligently), and sometimes discussing potential new features for Syncovery. He has been meticulously improving Syncovery for more than 20 years now, and every couple of years, enough new features are added to justify a new release.

The app is available for almost all platforms; (Linux, Windows, Mac, NAS, etc.) just check for more details.
I proposed to Tobias to do an informal talk, and take the opportunity to meet virtually for the first time on a video call, and he gladly accepted. Below you can find this talk we had, so you can learn more about who is behind this amazing software.

Hope you like the talk! feel free to share around 😉

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, this is simply an endorsement of an amazing product as I’ve been using it for many years now.