In March 2022 we took delivery of what for us is a dream car, a Tesla Model Y LR in Switzerland. We were very luckly because we placed the order on March 4th and while the delivery date was saying July 2022, we ended up taking delivery on March 28th, just 24 days after we placed the order (I know, surreal right?).

By the time I placed the order I already researched and read a lot of reviews online about the car, accesories and more. I also talked with a good friend in UK who also had the experience of a Model 3 and also changed it for a Model Y. Another friend who is a proud owner of a Model X in Zurich since some years also shared with me several useful tips.

With all these tips and recomendations I started ordering accesories that I knew were going to be useful. On this post I am going to post the links to the product and a short review of each of them. I will only share the products that I liked, I paid for all of them myself so there is no product placement here. I thought to create this post as the conversation about which accesory I bought or not always pops up. I am going to place links from my (Germany) referral account and also some from AliExpress referral links, so if you buy it through them you would support me without affecting the price to you ? .

Some products were shipped directly to our home address in Switzerland, the products that were showing “unavailable” on, we shipped them our Swiss Paket postal service address in Germany (we are 1 hour away from the border).

I would guess several of these products can also be found in AliExpress if you dont mind waiting longer delivery times. I ended buying some in Amazon and some on AliExpress. Maybe because the price was almost the same, or shipping times were greatly shorter or I didnt mind waiting.
I will mention the prices in Euros, at the time of writting this post the it is almost 1:1 with the USD.

Amazon Tip: Remember to check if on each product you are offered a discount coupon, you need to mark the checkbox before adding it to the cart.

BASENOR Tesla Model Y Floor Mat TPE
I read a lot about how in places where weather is not so friendly, changing the mats that come with the car for ones made of TPU would help maintain the car more clean. It is true, I am very happy with the quality of these mats. This pack basically takes care of all the mats you will probably need. Frunk, Trunk, Under Trunk, front and back floor seats. It helps clean the car easier when wet or muddy, and also helps protect some areas when loading and offloeading things, like for exaple on the trunk.
Price: € 235 – Tip: Remember to apply the coupon if its offered to you.
BASENOR Tesla Model Y Second Row Seat Back Cover
The model Y offers a very nice cargo space, but when you put your second row down, the seats would be exposed, so Basenor also offers nice back seat protectors that attach easily with velcro and cover well the back part of your seats so you can load things with more peace of mind.
Price: € 33
BASENOR Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Cool Organiser
The model Y as the Model 3 offers a very nice spacious frunk space. We bought this nice cool storage bag that we use a lot when we go to the supermarket. We add some cool packs from our freezer and this helps to keep things cool for a long time. We even tested it once with some frozen products and they were kept frozen after 4 hours of a sunny road trip.
Price: € 68
Evoarl® Car Jack Rubber Pad for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X (4 pieces)
I honestly have not tried these ones yet, but they might be coming handy if I have a road issue and I need to change a tyre or when the winter season comes and I have to take the car to change them.
Price: € 12
Spigen Glass R EZ FIT Screen Protector Compatible with Tesla Model 3 / Y
I wanted a good quality protected glass for the Tesla screen, I´ve seen several screens that were full of fingerprints. This cool glass not only comes with a very solid frame to place the glass so its almost impossible to get it wrong if you follow the instructions. Its mate so it helps reduce the glare and fingerprints are varely noticable.
Price: € 34
UGREEN Mobile Phone Holder with Car Suction Cup
I used this smartphone holder a couple of times already. I used it to record videos of the car by attaching it to the roof of the car (internal). It adheres very nicely and does not fall down.
Price: € 16 (around the same in USD)
Filzada® Paint-Friendly Microfibre Car Cloth with 1200 gsm
I was gladly surprised with these micro fibre cloths, I used them a couple fo times now to
Price for pack of 2: € 13 (around the same in USD)
Foldable Table Desk
I was intrigued by this accesory, not sure how often I will use it, but I tested it once. Because the Tesla is an EV, you can be parked several hours and turn on a nice comfortable AC tempoerature without worrying too much about battery issues like in a normal car. I placed the steering wheel all the way back and I was able to comfortably work with my laptop and a mouse on it. When you dont need it any more you fold it in half and then you can store it inside the under trunk so its out of the way.
Price: € 59 (around USD 62)
Achilles Vario-Box Foldable Car Organiser Adjustable for Car Boot
We noticed that things that you place on the trunk of the car usually tend to fly around more on the Tesla than on our previous car. So we wanted something that would also be useful when going shopping. These foldable containers are very comfortable as you can open them and place them inside the supermarket trolley and then grab it from the two handles on the sides and place it on the trunk. I can fit a couple of them side by side and I think one ore two more would also fit but with two of them we are more than fine. When you dont use them anymore you can fold them and remain very compact and out of the way.,
Price: € 30 (each)
Slime Tyre Repair Set
This is one of those things that you need to have with the hopes you never need to use. As you may know, Tesla´s (as most modern cars) do not come with a spare wheel in the unfortunate case that youn get a flat tyre. Thats why I got this repair set to get me going in case something goes wrong if I am on a road trip. I dont know if the brand or product is good, the reviewes look positive but I didnt have a chance to test it yet.
Price: € 35
BASENOR Tablet mount for back seats
My son gets bored in long trips, so we ordered this Basenor tablet holder for the back seats. Good quality and keeps the iPad safe in place. I am getting good results with the Basenor brand accesories,
Price: € 20
Mobicool MT08 8-Litre Portable Thermo-Electric Cool Box/Heater Box
I did not buy this one for myself (yet), but for some friends, and their feedback is very positive. Its b ig enough to hold several things inside for keeping things cool in a roadtrip, its quite silent and can be plugged not only on the 12v ports the Tesla has but also on the 220v outlet. It has a handle and wheels so its easy to move around.
Price: € 80
Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner Battery, 135 W 15000 PA Strong
My son is 6 years old, whenever we are on long trips, he will eat some crackers for sure. And you know, crumbs start to fall everywhere. If you are on a roadtrip it might not be so easy to get hold of a vacuum to clean these sort of stuff, so I bought a nice portable one we can use to maintain the car when needed. I tested it and works well.
Price: € 75 (after applying voucher checkbox)
Garage Wall protectors with sticking material
I saw that one of my neighbours bought these and they looked quite nice. I asked him for the product link so I could buy them too. And I did. The quality is very good, I was surprised how strong the sticking material was so it stays firm in place on the wall of my garage. I bought them and place them in specific places where there could be a risk to bump the car door against a column or the back of the garage.
Price: USD 8
Trash Can Auto Organizer Storage
At some point or another you will always find yourself with tiny pieces of trash on your car that you would like to place in a centralized place to keep it clean. Well, this little trash can does exactly that. I place it on the drivers seat door storage area and fits perfectly. You press the lid to open it and then you push it down to close it and stays in place.
Price: USD 7
Air Vent Intake Protection Cover for Tesla Model Y
My friend with the Tesla Model X gave me this tip, and its a great one, because I noticed how small leaves can start to accumulate on the area. These nicely sit in place. Make sure you buy the ones compatible with your car.
Price: USD 11.50 (Shipping was a bit expensive for me around USD 9, but the product was worth it).
Air conditioning air outlet protection (x2)
My friend with the Tesla Model X also gave me this tip, and its a great one too. This will prevent small things to get into the AC outlets located under the front seats. Comes in a set of two pieces. Be careful and get the one corresponding to your car model.
Price: USD 6.50.
3 trays for the under console area
I think these should come with the car, but unfortunately they dont. These are 3 under console trays that you will find useful to organize your things.
Price: USD 21 for the 3 trays, you can also buy them individually if you prefer. (Shipping for the 3 trays was around USD 8)
Baseus 3 in 1 USB C Cable
I love the BaseUS brand from AliExpress. I am buying these cables since years and the quality is just amazing. I bought a couple of these cables and I keep them in the car, it allows anyone with practically any device to charge their stuff. The cables are versatile enough because have a USB A and USB C charging port and then at the end you have a Lighting, a USB C and a Micro USB, covering probably all your charging / data needs.
Price: USD 16 (but you alway get deals to get a couple of bucks reduced)
Car Water Cup Holder For Tesla Model 3 Model Y 2021 2022
These will protect the cup holder area on the front, and will make it easy to clean the spills that are usually happening inside them. They are made of rubber and sit perfectly in place.
Price: USD 8
Tesla Model Y 2021 Car Underseat Storage Organizer
While a bit expensive for my taste, I still find this box that allows you to store stuff under your front seats quite handy. I usually store small bottles of water, this helps them stay fresh (or at least not warm) even when the car is under the sun for several hours.
Price: USD 20 (plus around 6 for shipping)